Is Edu Birdie Legit?

Edu Birdie

Up to $42 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Lots of reviews
  • They offer most services


  • Foreign
  • High prices

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Who is Edu Birdie?

Edu Birdie is a foreign essay writing service. That’s probably all you need to know, but we’ll tell you more, of course! They seem to be in Bulgaria or Cyprus (doesn’t matter since either way they’re not American). Do you want to get a paper from a non-native English-speaking writer?

College professors (and high school teachers) can spot a foreign-written paper!

How Much is a Paper?

When you put in for a paper, you’ll get flooded with aggressive offers. They range from $28-$42 per page if you give a couple days’ notice. That’s quite a swing, right? If you’re asked to pay $42 per page ANYWHERE, please run!

An average paper (written by an American or Canadian) should be somewhere between $27-$30 per page, but that is if it’s written by a native English speaker, NOT a foreign writer!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

When you ask questions at EduBirdie (for example with a chat agent), you will get varied answers. But, keep in mind, the truth doesn’t have various answers or versions. I’m talking about simple questions like “Where is your company located?” or “Can I speak to a writer before paying?”

At EduBirdie, you won’t get ONE version of the truth and quite frankly, that sucks.

In a Nutshell:

While there are a lot of online reviews for EduBirdie, the bottom line is they don’t make it easy at times to deal with them. For example, you have to give your email just to get a basic estimate. Then, when you ask questions, you will get a different answer each time you ask, depending on the agent you speak with.

Their prices are high and they’re foreign. So, you make the choice that’s best for you but at least go into it with your eyes open!

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