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Expert Writing (.org)

$26 for 1 page due in 2 days








  • Reasonable prices
  • Simple website


  • Foreign
  • Don't seem to understand American school system (and what else?)

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Who is Expert Writing (.org)? doesn’t have an “About” section on their website, which is typical of foreign essay writing services. See, they don’t want to draw attention to being located outside of the US and employing non-native English speaking writers to do your papers. Why? Because you, as an American student and customer, want an English-speaking writer to do your paper. Why the heck wouldn’t you, right??

Spoiler alert: is in Cyprus. You can scroll to the bottom of their website and see for yourself. Do you know where Cyprus is? Me neither. So, why would we want them writing our paper?

How Much is a Paper?

Where to start?? Well, since college and university are the same thing, why would anyone choose the more expensive option? That might be your first question, but shouldn’t it really be a matter of “Why the heck doesn’t know that college and university are the same thing?”

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:f

First of all, they’re in Cyprus which is not an English speaking country. They employ foreign writers and your teach is going to spot the difference immediately. You’ll be putting your academic career on the line by using a foreign writer. Therefore, do we need to to continue?

In a Nutshell:

When a foreign company wants to sell you a car, so what. It might be better than an American-made vehicle. Think of Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. However, when they’re asking to write your paper that you plan to turn in at an American high school or college? Yeah, that changes things.

The prices are reasonable, but only if you get a good paper back. Otherwise, you could pay a buck and be mad, right?

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