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Essay Pro

$13.34 with 2 days notice








  • Cheap
  • A lot of reviews


  • Foreign
  • Foreign writers

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Who is Essay Pro?

Essay Pro is a Ukrane-based essay writing service employing foreign writers. Because of this, they offer super-cheap pricing, but beware! A good essay is about a lot more than price. For example, you want it to pass as being written by YOU, a native English speaker, right?

How Much is a Paper?

Shockingly, a college paper due in 2 days is only $13.34 per page. Now, guys, come on! By the time Essay Pro takes their cut (guessing it might be 50% or more) what is the writer left with? Who would work for that cheap? You couldn’t survive in America, Canada, or the UK on that wage. You’d make considerably more flipping burgers or scrubbing toilets.

So, what kind of writer would do a paper that cheap? Yep, foreign. Do you want that?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Ukrane-based means foreign writers. While the price beats ANY other essay writing service, the cost to you could be monumental since you stand a good chance of getting caught or getting a poor grade on the final paper.

In a Nutshell:

We always suggest trying to find an American or Canadian essay writing service if you’re a student in the US or another English-speaking country. There are just too many differences in writing styles and communication when it comes to other countries.

You couldn’t write a paper for a Kenyan student. You couldn’t write a paper for someone in the Ukraine when you have no idea or understanding of the culture there or where it is on a map, most likely! So, consider this before hiring a foreign company to write your essay.

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