Is Speedy Paper Legit?

Speedy Paper

Almost $40 per page!








  • Thorough FAQ page
  • Plenty of reviews online
  • Wide array of services


  • Likely a foreign company
  • They admit to using foreign writers
  • Extremely high prices

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Who is Speedy Papers?

In their FAQ section, they say this about their location:

It is hard to say whether they are really in Delaware since literally dozens of online (foreign) essay writing services say they’re in either Delaware or Florida, but are actually located in non-English speaking countries.

Here is what they say about their writers (also on their FAQ page):

Speedy Papers FAQ page discussing their writers.

They admit that not all of their writers speak English as a first language. That might be OK with you. We were respectful that they admit it in their FAQ page, since most foreign companies do not.


The homepage makes it look like a paper is $11 per page, but when you get to the ordering page, you quickly learn that it’s going to be more…a lot more. extra features–many of which should be included in your quote.

Notice a few things above. First, to get a writer that’s considered a “top” writer on the site, you have to pay 45% more! If you request a writer, you pay 10% more. Heck, even for a “pro” writer, which by Speedy Papers standards is not even their best, you have to add 25%. This seems really unfair. Shouldn’t all of the writers be excellent? Why should you have to pay almost 50% more to get the best? Come on, Speedy Papers!

Second, notice the blue underlined features. We’re here to tell you that most credible essay writing services throw this in with the original quote, not consider them upgrades with prices to reflect it!

Let’s add on some of those features that an awful lot of students would need in a paper, and we’ll choose their best writer (because who doesn’t want someone to rock their work??). How does that change the price from $11 per page?

Almost $40 per page for a simple book report? That is absurd and nothing short of price gouging! Now if we had been able to put in a 2-day deadline, that may have driven the price up much, much more. We couldn’t find a place to change the due date without giving a phone number and email, so for now, we skipped that part.

Listen folks, the price is outrageous. Nothing can justify that. Plain and simple. There are too many other companies out there that don’t stick it to you.


Trustpilot displays a message we’ve seen with several essay writing services to date. It warns that Trustpilot will not work with Speedy Paper because it is a bad fit for Trustpilot. We happen to know some very credible essay writing services that have also been banned from Trustpilot, so we won’t hold it against Speedy Paper without considering all of the other compiled data. will not work with Speedy Paper.

Sitejabber, however, has 144 reviews for Speedy Paper and gives them 4.5/5 stars. Let’s look at the top critical review, as well as the top positive review on the site. has 144 reviews on their site for Speedy Paper.

To be fair, there are plenty of good reviews on Sitejabber, but the negative ones tend to say the same thing: poor customer service, Speedy Paper sharing private information, and lack of refunds on poor quality work. See the one below.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Forthcoming about their writers not all being native English speakers on their FAQ page
  2. An array of reviews on Sitejabber
  3. Decent list of services


  1. Likely a foreign company (and admits to using foreign writers)
  2. Unusually high prices
  3. Force customers to pay more for basic things like plagiarism guarantee and a simple run through Grammarly

In a Nutshell:

We don’t endorse companies that upcharge for basic things like Grammarly checks or “great” writers. Shouldn’t the basics come with a reasonable quote? We think so!

Trustpilot won’t work with Speedy Paper, but as we mentioned earlier, they won’t work with a lot of essay writing services.

Basically, the prices are too high here to be truly competitive. They utilize foreign writers and charge more for their (supposed) best writers. You need to give a phone number to get a final quote and check out. That is something many people are uncomfortable giving before trust is established (or at all in some cases).

With prices like these, there are probably safer bets out there.

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